bushra kelsey burge artist and designer


Bushra is an artist-designer whose work explores memory and personhood, bringing together art and science through the use of a range of traditional and new media, from couture to digital installation. She is currently developing new work, which explores the function of music as a trigger for an immersive sensory archive for older people. The project is formed through intergenerational, inter-cultural dialogues and employs NFC technology embedded in objects to trigger personally meaningful montages of video interviews with related songs and photos. She has a background in ethical fashion and sustainability and is extremely interested in art and design for social benefit. She holds an MA in Applied Imagination from Central Saint Martins (95%, Distinction), a BA in Fashion Studies from the London College of Fashion, as well as an earlier BSc from Imperial College in Biochemistry, which enables her to bring a unique perspective and range of skills to her work.

You can contact her on bushra @bushra.biz.



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